If you miss the look of your old Windows 10 or just want to ease into the new Windows 11 interface, you can find all sorts of ways to make Windows 11 like Windows 10, after all, it's just Windows 10 latest OS version 21H2. 

Adjust your Taskbar - Let's start by adjusting your bottom taskbar. Just right-click on the taskbar (the bar across the bottom of the screen), select Taskbar Settings and then navigate to Taskbar Behaviors and choose Left from the alignment menu. Your Start button, which looks like a shell unless you upload a custom one, will then cover the new Windows 11 button. 

Oh...and don't forget to "Right-Click" on the Windows logo for the quick "Jump List" to get to those deep settings within Windows.

Find the old Control Panel - Also, they have been wanting to get rid of the control panel, but it is still there. Just search for Control Panel from the Windows Logo search bar.

Restore the "Classic" Start Menu - Want the Classic Start menu back? Search for regedit to open Registry Editor.

Add the "Start_ShowClassicMode" value to a key within HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

Change the value data to 1 and then reboot.

#WARNING: Always use caution when editing your SYSTEM'S Registry using the "regedit" command. Accidental changes or deletions can alter your system's behavior or even become unusable.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to  CONTACT US.